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1. Web Traffic If you have Instrumental  website, your content can quickly become dated. There is no reason for visitors to come back to the same Beats For Sale material. A blog lets you quickly add more information and content, which gives your visitors incentive to come back again and again. Some blogs post daily, weekly, or even bi-weekly. Also, if the content of your blog is relevant to a wider audience, people will link back to your website, and share your site on social networks. 

2. Build a Fan Base Having a blog gives you a voice. It gives you the opportunity to showcase your personality and work. You can post photos, video, Beat Maker , express your opinion, whatever you want. It’s your personality, style and branding, and if people like what you are saying, and the work you do, they will share your post with others, and will continue to come back again. 

3. Connect with Fans Blogs allow you to get direct input from your fans. When you post new content, visitors of your site can leave comments, and share their thoughts. You can ask questions, run polls, get feedback on your ideas, which can help you improve and help to connect with your audience more. When someone leaves a comment, you can reply, and keep the conversation going. This will allow you to connect and network with new people. 

4. Search Engine Rankings When someone searches for your name, you want to make sure you come up in search engines first. Having content that appears in search engines will help you get more website traffic. If your website consists of only 2-3 pages, while other Hip Hop Songshave blogs with 75 pages with their name on it and is writing about topics that people are searching for, they will show up in search engines, and you most likely will not. Having content will help your site be seen in search engines. 

5. Exploiting Social Networks Having a blog gives you and your visitors content to promote on social websites like Facebook and Twitter. If you manage them well, Rap Beats social sites will help you meet people in your industry, and spread the word of your products and services. Having a blog gives you central home to link to where visitors can learn more about you and what you do. 

6. Compete with Competition Selling beats is a competitive business. Most likely your competitors have a blog or website, and when you don’t have one, they are out-doing you. By creating good content, and promoting your blog, you can build a fan base and traffic that rivals your competition. The end goal is for people to buy and download instrumentals that you’ve created, so you have to work hard to get ahead in such a tight market. 

7. Build Credibility Blogs give you a great opportunity to become a trusted source. Writing on the topics that are important to you will show you are knowledgeable about your craft. You will also have an archive of past blog post that show your experiences, who you have worked with, and that you are driven. Other Reasons to Blog 1. If can be fun 2. You can make money with ads or promoting products 3. It can be used to network 4. You can help others by sharing knowledge 5. Track your career 6. It’s cheap to do 7. Helps you stand out 8. It’s easy to do So if you are not blogging, you need to get up on it. You should be looking to promote yourself like a business or a brand. You need to connect with your customers, and have a personality that is unique. – Find out about the latest Hip Hop and Rap news – Learn great recording tips – Collaborate with other Hip Hop artists – Learn Beat Making Techniques Hip-Hop Beats Brickhouse Records The Hit Beats Team!