For Producers Who Would Like To Upload Their Music To Sell, Showcase And Get Exposure For Their Music.


The Hit Beats Is A Subsidiary Company Owned By Brickhouse Records. We Only Accept The Highest Quality Production. And We Will Only Showcase The Same. All Music And Or Production Must Be Submitted Via Email Or Drop-box To The Hit Beats [email protected] And Be Approved First Before Allowed On The Site To Keep With Our High Standards. Once Approved There Is A $29.99 1 Year Membership Fee Paid By Credit Card Or PayPal For Uploading And Hosting (20 Beat Maximum) (Non Refundable). All Beats Or Instrumentals, Once Approved, Must Have Original Data Files Or Tracked Out Versions For Proof Of Authenticity Attached. No Exceptions Period

Please be sure to only upload your best work.

  1. Please only upload files that are 10mb or smaller.
  2. Make sure your track is in mp3 format only (all others will be deleted)
  3. Make sure the quality of your beat is top shelf. No distortion, no samples, and correct volume
  4. You must have a Paypal account open and ready to use.

Your Cut! Royalties! By Uploading Your Production Known As Beats Or Instrumentals You Agree To Following.

“The agreement between the publishers and songwriters or composers provides for the songwriters or composers to receive more than 50%, the work should be registered with The Hit Beats indicating the percentages allowable to all songwriters or composers and all publishers so that the total is not more than 100%.

Where no performing rights (or only partial performing rights) have been assigned to a publisher, the songwriters or composers will receive the entire 50% (or the balance of the entire 50%) in the same ratio as their respective writer shares. However, a songwriter or composer who has assigned to a publisher all or part of his or her proportionate rights in the publisher’s share shall not be entitled to receive any portion of the remainder of the publisher’s share allowable to his or her co-writer(s).”

If The Hit Beats is notified subsequent to the initial registration that rights have been assigned to a publisher, the Hit Beats will credit the publisher with the appropriate share for performances beginning with the quarter in which such notice is received.

In Short You Get Half We Get Half, Each Beat Or Instrumental Will be Assigned A Product Code And The Owner Will Be Notified At Time Of Sale Via E-Mail.
Thanks Management

The Hit Beats