Need a tight budget Beats On Sale or Buy Beats  for a tight budget demo? The most successful rap artists in the business work with the most gifted and talented producers, programmers, musicians, and recording engineers to help them bring their vision into reality. For the up and coming artist, he or she has difficult choices to make. Does one invest the time and money in all the equipment necessary to self-produce a CD, or do you buy ready-made rap beats and rap instrumentals off the internet. The fully produced royalty free rap instrumental from the net can be a very cost effective option, especially if you are just putting together a demo to showcase your talent. These non-exclusive rap instrumentals and beats can be licensed for very little cash, and usually can be downloaded in the form of a simple wav. file, Broadcast wav. file, or even an mp3 file. For those that have never heard the term “non-exclusive”, it simply means the site is granting you a license to use that beat for your demo purposes. Some sites offer “exclusive” rap beats, hip hop loops or instrumentals which can mean different things on different sites so read the fine print people! Usually an “exclusive” rap beats or rap instrumentals will cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars but once licensed, the site will remove that “exclusive” rap beat or rap instrumental from their on-site catalog so only you can use it for your album. Pretty cool. If the fully produced rap beat is the best option for you, then when checking out beats sites make sure to listen to the quality of the demos presented. Do the beats sound professional? How do the recorded demos sound? What format will the music be on? Will you have the required software to convert the file into some other format if you needed to? It’s worth mentioning that in some cases, the producer that created the beat may in fact be a terrible recording engineer. I would also tell anyone looking for just about anything on the internet to not assume that the first ten “beat-makers” are the best or most qualified just because they are in the top 10 for that query. Certainly visit and start listening to the demos on those sites, but I would suggest you dig even deeper to the beat shops on pages 2, 3, and beyond. The reason for this is the guys that came up #43 for rap beats might be an amazing producer, but a horrible web designer. Seek and ye shall find. You will most likely run across some Beats or rap instrumental sites that give you access to thousands of rap instrumentals after you pay their membership fee. Again, listen carefully to their production, and their recordings to help you deciding whether that’s a good investment or not. What good is it to have access to thousands of Hip Hop Beats, if the audio quality and production is not up to industry standard? Once you have your rap beats and rap instrumentals chosen, you should look for a recording studio. Home recording quality is decent, but for artists who become successful independently and acquire deals, they have mixtapes and demos recorded at high quality. Shopping around for studios will help you find a place that can take care of your project within your budget. Depending on how quickly you work, it may be better to ask for hourly rates (if you work quickly) or a per song basis (if you work more slowly). Ask if you can get a package deal for booking a larger block of time as well, studios may be willing to work with you. If you’re looking for a Virginia Beach recording studio, try Brickhouse Records, the home studio of TheHitBeats.com – Find out about the latest Hip Hop and Rap news – Learn great recording tips – Collaborate with other Hip Hop artists – Learn Beat Making Techniques Hip-Hop Beats Brickhouse Records The Hit Beats Team!