The Hit Beats:Affordable Hip Hop Beats, Pop, and R & B!


Hit Beats committed to the best of music, at the least expensive price. With hundreds of beats, and always adding more, The Hit Beats is the best solution for you! Need tight beats on a tight budget? No problem.




Hit Beats

Why choose The Hit Beats for your rap, hip hop, or R&B instrumentals? The Hit Beats offers stereo, tracked out, fully comprehensive to all rappers and singers out there. With our array of music selection, we are almost certain you can find a beat that best fits your igneous lyrics. Beats on The Hit Beats are affordable for anybody that just wants a beat to track to, or even if you like listening to instrumental hit beats, we’ve got plenty to choose from and more hit beats on the way. And for select tracks, we even offer the fully tracked out project file available from Reason or Pro Tools HD format.

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